Friday, August 21, 2009

A Few Things to Be Excited About...

There are so many things happening in the fall that I am super excited about. The picture above should say a lot about one of them. Here are some of the things listed out and I'm sure as these things begin to play out, you will hear more about them.

1. UT Football season starts in two weeks. This is always such a fun time of year for us because we have season tickets and we also share a really fun tailgate with some of the most fun people in town. (Yes...Wheels and his buddies.) This year should be especially fun if the Horns can live up to the expectations of the many people who have predicted they will play in the National Championship game. This game also happens to land on the day that baby Betsy is scheduled to arrive. Nothing would make me happier than having one of my children born on the same day the Horns win ANOTHER National Championship. (Dad, does this make you proud?)

2. Ava's 4th Birthday. Ava's birthday falls on a Tuesday and we are having her "Princess Birthday Party" at our house on Friday night the 18th. I can't believe that my baby Ava is already four years old. I feel so blessed to be her mother and can't begin to count the many times that girl makes me laugh in a day. On another note, her party actually precedes the UT/Texas Tech revenge game on Saturday the 19th. Nate's dad is in town for that and will be going to the game with my parents. I have a few thoughts on the game as I think back to last year as we watched that game and that last play in complete horror. I think I will just let the game this year speak for itself.

3. Fall. This means cooler weather, cute decorations, school activites, Fall Festivals, pumpkins, hay rides with the kids, pumpkin spice coffee creamer (which my friend Ali Watson and I appreciate more than anyone else), chili on cool nights, pumpkin carving contests and season.

4. Ava starts soccer. Ava has her first soccer game on October 4th. Her games are always on Sunday afternoons, if any of you are interested in coming to watch a bunch of three and four year olds try to play the game of soccer...better watch Wheels, Lucas and Nate try to coach a bunch of three and four year olds to play the game of soccer.

5. Jessica starts volleyball. Jessica has wanted to play volleyball for a while. She is starting on a 5th grade volleyball team at the end of the year and will play games through March. The tournament at the end of the season is held at UT, the last weekend in March. Her favorite teacher at her school, Ms. Shea, is the coach.

6. City Group Leader's Retreat. Nate is responsible for all City Groups at Austin City Life and to thank all of the Leaders for their time and dedication to leading these groups at our Church, he has planned a retreat for the leaders and their wives. We will be staying here and I am pretty excited about it. I LOVE our entire team of leaders and I can't wait to hang out with them, pray with them and celebrate the good things happening in our groups.

7. TX/OU weekend. This weekend last year topped all other football weekends in the season. We start the weekend out at a bash at the Smith's (Wheels' parent's)house in Dallas, on Friday night. This party goes on well into the night and if you're Wheels and his friends, until about an hour before the game. Then, the party starts back up at the fair at about 8am with beer and corn dogs. It's beautiful.

8. Natalie's getting married. This happens in November and I can't wait to see sweet Natalie get married to Ty. What I can wait for is standing up next to all of her 23 year old bridesmaids when I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. I's bad enough that I'm like 10 years older than they are in the first gotta throw in that I'll be the fat pregnant girl up there making all of the pictures ugly. It didn't help that I had to order the bridesmaid dress in a size 12, just hoping it will fit at that time. What does help is that I love the bridesmaid dress and will find someone to take it in to a size 4 (that's right...I'm counting on weight watchers again) when I am back to normal. I WILL wear this dress again!! Thank you, Natalie, for loving me enough to want my pregnant butt in your pictures anyway... I love you too:)

9. Ashley's getting married. This isn't until spring BUT...the parties are starting this fall. I am, once again, a bridesmaid and LOVE my dress for this wedding too (it's all about the dress).

10. Music for the City. This is a Non-Profit that Nate has started and this fall is a majorly important time, as the fundraising begins. Here is the mission statement, in case you are interested in what Music For The City is all about:
MUSIC FOR THE CITY exists to encourage and enable artists to give back to the Austin community by partnering with organizations that are serving our city.
MUSIC FOR THE CITY produces benefit albums and concerts featuring Austin’s best artists. These albums and concerts directly benefit organizations that are serving our community.
MUSIC FOR THE CITY is a win for the entire community. Our artists gain goodwill and an opportunity to give back. The organizations we partner with receive exposure and funding to continue the work they are doing. The city itself benefits from a movement of artists who inspire an entire community to give to those that are serving the great city of Austin, Texas.
We are thrilled to be partnering with two organizations that are tirelessly serving our community. AUSTIN SAFE PLACE is working to end sexual and domestic violence and the AUSTIN CHILDRENS SHELTER is working to provide a safe haven for children in crisis. We are honored to be raising money and awareness for these amazing organizations.
is great music, for a great cause, in a great city.

11. Thanksgiving. I've got two words for Thanksgiving this year: MAN PORCH. I wish I had pictures of the new addition to the Johnson home, where we all celebrate Thanksgiving. Words won't do it justice. Let's just say...outside...HUGE flatscreen tv...outdoor seating...WONDERFUL games...heavenly. On another note for Thanksgiving, I love sharing a Thanksgiving meal with our City Group and I love that during that time of year, people tend to reflect more on the things they are truly thankful for. I wish we did this more often but I'm also glad there is a day designated to us setting time aside to do this. In America, we do have SO much to be thankful for and I am one of those people that forgets that way too often. God has blessed us with so much.

12. Christmas. Oh Christmas, how I love thee. I'm not sure where to even start with Christmas. Maybe I should start with the fact that I've already planned out Christmas decorations for my house this year. Things I love about Christmas: mistletoe, wreaths, cinnamon, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, blow up santa's in the front yard, ornaments, Christmas music, hot apple cider, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies, letters to Santa, holly, carols, shopping for other people, and most of all, remembering and reflecting on God sending his son to earth to live among us and die for us. What a precious gift. And...what an amazing time of year to reflect on that. Oh, I LOVE Christmas!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a Girl (we think)

Nate and I got up this morning at 6:45 and got ready, grabbed a coffee at our usual hangout, Thunderbird, and headed to our Doctor's appointment to find out the sex of this baby.

Now, I think everyone knows that we were sort of pulling for a boy. I mean, Nate really wanted a boy (understandable) and I wanted a boy for Nate's sake. I never spoke these words outloud (for Nate's sake) but I secretly thought it would be cute to have three girls.

Anyway...we got in there and the nurse, Tamra (we LOVE her), immediately started looking for us. First we heard a "Oh! That looks like a little penis!" and then we heard "No, wait. Maybe not. I see three lines." (For those of you who have gone through this, you know what three lines means.) Then we heard "It sure does look like there's something there", followed by a "But gosh...sometimes it just looks like three lines when it turns over." Finally, Tamra said she was just going to get Dr. Cowan because he was much better at telling these things. So he came in and it didn't take him 30 seconds before he announced that he was 90% sure the alien was a girl. I think Nate was in shock...I was sort of excited.

I am giddy over thinking about having three girls and each one of my girls having two sisters. (Plus...I've been looking online and the girl's clothes are SO much cuter!)

I feel blessed today.