Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If I'd Only Known...

Nate and I have a joke between the two of us that if I had known, the night I met him at Blind Pig Pub, that we'd later have a HUGE testimony, four children and a minivan and that Nate would be a pastor, I'd have run so far in the opposite direction he never would have caught my name.

It's so true.

BUT...I would not have known what I was missing...and I would have been missing A LOT.

I would not have understood the joy I was giving up in raising these three (soon to be four) children with Nate. Or the peace I have in sharing my testimony. Or the best friend I have in my husband. Or the community of people I'm surrounded by and living life with. I might not have known the joy of living for Christ instead of for myself.

This morning, as I make bacon and toast for Jessica before her day of TAKS testing, I am reminded that I'm so thankful for God's greatness. Not just in who He is and because He saves me on a daily basis, but because He knew what He wanted for my life, and it was much much better than what I wanted.

I'm not sure exactly what I wanted back then but I was definitely too selfish to think about having four children, for sure too cool to drive a minivan and absolutely too proud to have a testimony that people might judge me for.

God's plan for our lives is beautiful and gives us infinite joy that no plan of ours could ever match.

I'm feeling thankful for that.