Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New things in the Navarro household...

I am sorry I have been so absent on here...things have been crazy! Here are a few things to catch you up on...

1. We added another member to the Navarro family...Sir Truckstop of Brentwood Austin... aka "Truck". This is Nate's dog and he LOVES him. He is a beautiful puppy and I love that Nate is getting to experience having a puppy from the beginning. He was never a dog person before we met...now...he is. Everyone, meet Truck.

2. Jessica went to summer camp this last week and LOVED it! She was there for a week and got to horseback ride, kayak, swim, play all sorts of different games and sports, meet a ton of new friends and learn more about Jesus. I could tell when picking her up that she was loved by both campers and counselors. Here are a few pics from her week. Thank you to everyone who wrote her letters!! She had the most mail of anyone else that week!:)

3. We had our first doctor's appointment and I am now almost 4 months along and everything is healty and the baby moves a ton and is "big" as the doctor put it. We have pictures but I'm not real sure how to post those and anyway, they look like aliens at this stage. Not cute.

We are continueing to pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby for the rest of the term.

More on life at the Navarro household coming up!