Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Mornings

Nate and I have such a tight schedule with work and non-profits and kids and school and city group that we have to be very deliberate about making time to spend together. Nate always works on his laptop at Thunderbird coffee shop at 6am, leaves and picks Jess up to take her to school at 7:15 (she likes to be there early...shocking), then goes back to Thunderbird and works until 9. On Wednesday mornings, we have a front porch coffee date instead of him going back to Thunderbird. I make a pot of coffee, he grabs the Bible and we hang out on the porch, talking, reading and praying.

This morning in praying a prayer of communion, I praised God for being so great and repented for not realizing or recognizing that nearly as much as I should. I prayed prayers of petition for my children; that God would protect them and lead them in their lives and I thanked Him for honoring us with the opportunity to parent them. I prayed for baby Betsy, that she would be healthy and strong. I prayed that God would lay it on our hearts to adopt some day if that's what He asks of us and wants from us.

Wednesday mornings are a very intimate time in the word, in conversation with my husband and in prayer with the Lord.

I'm thankful for Wednesday mornings.